Marsham Toy Hour: Episode 16 - Jibber Jabber

June 28, 2016

This week - Gary is in a better place...  Funko headquarters. 

So, Tyler and Aaron get together to freestlye this episode and just talk about... whatever they want!  They talk kickstarter, Star Wars, leaks and sneak peaks, whatever crosses their minds.

This is a shorter episode, so plug it in and go for a nice walk while the Marsham voices fill your brain with happy toy thoughts.

(We know this is 2 in a row with no guest, but we will be back to guest hosts next week!)

Marsham Toy Hour: Episode 15 - Listener Questions Answered

June 19, 2016

After 14 episodes, the Marsham crew have gotten various questions across email, instagram, and podbean that we have not yet answered. So, for episode 15, Gary, Aaron and Tyler discuss these questions in roundtable fashion, as well as a brief clarification of "fair use" and our usual Leaks and Sneak peaks! I hope you like the sounds of our voices, because we talk your ears off in this one!

Marsham Toy Hour : Episode 14 - The Sucklord

June 12, 2016

This week, the Marsham group interviews the infamous Supervillain, The Sucklord. We talk everything from the state of the resin scene, to the Sucklord's uprising, to where he sees the future of his brand going. Have a listen and enjoy this honest and candid look behind the mask of a true pioneer of the designer toy scene.

Marsham Toy Hour: Episode 13 - Jon Paul Kaiser

June 7, 2016

his week, Gary and Tyler travel via Skype to the glorious UK, to talk with one of the pioneers of the UK custom scene Jon Paul Kaiser. More a conversation than interview, the guys talk toys, leaks and sneak peaks, how JPK got his start, and a brief lesson on the history of whaling art! Plus, we announce our winner from our Horrible Adorables contest.