Marsham Toy Hour

Marsham Toy Hour : Season 2 Ep. 14 - Teresa Chiba

July 9, 2017

 This week, Don Kratzer is back and he brings Japanese designer and illustrator, Teresa Chiba with him. We talk with Teresa about having her first toy produced by Max Toy Company, self-producing, and currently having her Inu-Harigon character in Medicom's Vinyl Artist Gacha(VAG) series and as a Bearbrick in series 34. We discuss the motif's that inspire the "folk toy kaiju" of Teresa's toy designs, toy lotteries, licensing, colorways, sculpting, upcoming conventions, and much more.

Leaks and Sneak Peeks:

Morris soft viyl toy coming from Hinatique

Rato kim sofubi 

DinoCat sofubi


FluffyHouse Blindbox series

Yasu - shrimp like figure 

Vinyl Artist Gacha series 12


Folk Toy Traditonal Motif Influences:

Ino Hariko




Teresa's Facebook Fan Page "Folk Toy Kaiju"


Teresa's Media:



Facebook: teresa.chiba

Twitter: @p_genmu

instagram: teresachiba


Other mentions:




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