Marsham Toy Hour

Marsham Toy Hour: Season 3 Ep 28 - Toy Anxiety

September 24, 2018

This week, Gary, George, and Theresa try out a new format, called minisodes, where we cover a variety of topics in a short amount of time. Only 3 minutes per topic so buckle up and get ready for discussions at warp speed. Topics include Superplastic Janky updates, the new Kidrobot Munny packaging, Designer Con Dunny reveals, toy anxiety, and more. Listen in before *buzz* times up!


Superplastic Kickstarter Update –

Cancelled Janky Designs – and

New Kidrobot Munny Packaging –

Coarse Toys “If You Show Me Yours”

KFC Hot Honey Bear Toy –

DesignerCon Dunny Series Reveals –

Treeson Chinese Checkers Set –

Otto Björnik Shah Mat Dunny Chess Set – 




MyPlasticHeart (use promo code "Toyfam" for free shipping on domestic orders of $75 or more)

StrangeCat Toys (use promo code "Marsham" for 10% off your entire order)

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