Marsham Toy Hour

Marsham Toy Hour: Season 3 Ep 34 - Parks and Recalliation

November 5, 2018

This week, Gary and Theresa hold down the fort for minisode #4. Might as well toss the buzzer out the window at this point, but hey, we’re trying! We discuss some interesting Designer Con teasers from Andrew Bell and question the need for licensed dinosaur toys. Other topics include toy collaborations in Asia, ComplexCon, and continued discussion on seasonal toys.


Bart Simpson “Elevate” by Louis De Guzman -

Warner Bros Get Animated Tour by Soap Studios -

Eric So Warner Bros Rocket -

Chevy Metal Cereal -

Andrew Bell’s Intolerant Lacto’s -

Nychos TRex -

Juan Muniz Felipe Rex -

Ron English Street Fighter Ryu Figure -

Kasing Lung Labubu Collaborations -

Lumicars -

Little Amber Artist Collab Series -

Ice Liquid Erosion Maguro -

Pucky Xmas Babies Series -

Fluffyhouse Fluffy Christmas Series -

Kidrobot Holiday Dunnies -

Kyle Kirwan 5” Boneyard Dunny -

Thimblestump Hollow Series 2 -

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