Marsham Toy Hour

Marsham Toy Hour: Season 4 Ep 10 - Ham Sammich

April 14, 2019

Episode Description:

This week, you get to take a bite of a delicious ham sandwich because we welcome Gary’s better half to the show – Greg Ham! We discuss a variety of topics: April Fools pranks, blind box woes, collecting habits, Funko secret santa, twin perks, how Greg got into art and animation, who the heck is Guggimon, and more.


Kaws Companion Dunny (April Fools!) –

Funko Egg Dog (April Fools!) -

Martian Toys Abominable Sno Cone Green Colorway -

Kaws Kimpsons $14 Million Painting -

Alex Solis Turtlehead -

Alex Solis Steganography Art Book & Figure Kickstarter -

Alex Solis DOES Dance! -

ToyZero Plus LuLu the Piggy Can -

Kappa Ramen -

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