Marsham Toy Hour

Marsham Toy Hour: Season 4 Ep 12 - Toy with Us

May 6, 2019

This week, we cover some of the hot and heavy topics going on in the scene. Discussions include Superplastic’s Kickstarter for Janky series 2, Kidrobot’s entry into kids meal toys at Sonic, Five Points Fest VIP toy reveal, Thailand Toy Expo (TTE), and more.


Superplastic Janky Series 2 News & Reveals -

Superplastic Facebook Fan Group -

Kidrobot Sonic Kids Meal Toys -

Kidrobot Sonic Toys Line Up -

Wendy’s Design Your Ride Kids Meal Toys -

Uglydolls Happy Meal Toys in Korea -

Five Points VIP Toy Reveal -

Thailand Toy Expo Map -

Thailand Toy Expo Photo Album -

Food Food Myth -

Rainbow Burger Elfies -

ToyZeroPlus Booth - Mr Yolk and Avofriends Mini Series -

JPX x Coarse Ganesha -

Instinctoy Booth at TTE -

Instinctoy Ice Erosion Molly 3rd Colorway Video -

Candie Bolton Chibi-Kujira -

2019 Toy Convention Calendar -

Instagram Likes Article -

20” Stag Dunny AP Sale Coming Soon -

5” Dunny Custom Winners -

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