Marsham Toy Hour

Marsham Toy Hour: Season 4 Ep 16 - All Collectible All Awesome

July 8, 2019

Did you miss us?! The gang is back together and Marsham finally returns after an unofficial summer break. We play catch-up on everyone’s whereabouts recently including George’s trip to the UK and Gary’s move, get into a discussion on vinyl vs resin, talk about Theresa’s recent commission, and cover some recent toy sightings.


Thimblestump at Anime Expo -

The Tardigradest Showman -

Task One -

Muffinman Sculpts -

Angry Hedgehog Toys -

Theresa’s Horrible Adorables Cliff Climber Commission -

Arcane Divination Dunny Series 2 -

Jason Freeny Statues -

Unbox Snorse -

Autumn Stag-Dorable Go Fund Me -

Super7 x Peanuts Good Grief Gift Shop -

Five Important Tips to Protect Your Designer Toy Brand -


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