Marsham Toy Hour

Marsham Toy Hour: Season 4 Ep 17 - A Shi Shi Load of Stuff

July 15, 2019

This week, Gary, George, and Theresa dive into a whole bunch of toy talk. Topics include SDCC releases, new Instagram finds, weighing blind boxes, functional art, and more. Theresa also tries out a new game idea.


3dretro SDCC previews -

Andrew Bell SDCC goodies -

DKE Toys SDCC goodies -

DKE Toys x Scott C ET -

100% Soft dumpster fire toy -

Props and Pop -

Ghost Rabbit Society -

Emergency Toys -

Unruly x Jesse Hernandez Wolverine & Iron Man -

Unruly x Poop Bird Kaiju Squid -

Hasbro Cookie Monster -

Shi-Shi the Tiny Guardian Kickstarter -

Munkyking toys x Billions McMillions Superstar Destroyer -

Munkyking toys x Luke Chueh Ghost Bear -

Munkyking toys x Amy Sol Changeling Leaf -

Todd James x Case Studyo — Tank Pool Float -

Kidrobot Balloon Dunny -

Larvo forest animals -

Abiru wonderland -

1983 toys -

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