Marsham Toy Hour

Marsham Toy Hour: Season 4 Ep 24 - Puffy Puff Puff N Stuff

September 15, 2019

This week, we’ve got the gang back together and do an episode of toy talk. We cover some highlights of the week as well as decade old history, bring back leaks and sneak peeks, and delve into various toy topics – what makes a toy handmade, the new Toy Chronicle Forum, Funko crossing over into designer toys, US made sofubi, and more.

Crap ton of links to things discussed below.


September Clutter Gallery Shows -

Q Pop Shop Art Junkie Exhibition -

Muju World Kickstarter -

Day in History - Taco Bell Bellhedz - 

Day in History - Ye Olde English Dunny Launch Party 2009 -

Clutter x Tokyo Jesus Oni Tayu Smoke and Mirrors Edition -

Seed Arts x Puffy the Puff Quartzback Dragon Collab -

Puffy the Puff Puff -

Unbox Mini Series 2 -

Foxpresso / Karmieh Toys –

Unbox x Mutant Vinyl Hardcore DX and Ollie Chibis –

Radioactive Uppercut -

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore IG -

Brandt Peters Medusa and Cerberus Teaser -

The Toy Chronicle Forum -

Marsham Section on TTC Forum -

MFM OMFG Series 2 with Baby Deadbeet Oozarian Exclusive -

Funko Paka Paka Soda Kats, Kawaii Village -

Freddy Funko Ron English Grin -

Designer Con Exclusive Funko Pop -

Mile High Sofubi - Sofubi Made in the US -

Andrew Bell Dealmaker -

Veracious Vinyl -

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